Stump & Tree Removal

Tolle Tree Removal Hamilton New Jersy

No tree too big or too small

Tolle Tree Service has been doing tree removal in Mercer County and Burlington County for over 75 years. Our team regularly removes massive trees, tiny trees, complicated ones, hard-to-reach trees, we do them all.

Our team is fully equipped with multiple trucks, chippers, chainsaws, stump removers, and a 17 ton crane that can tackle the largest of trees.

Regardless of the size or complexity, we remove trees quickly and safely.

Complete Cleanup after Tree Removal

We clean up and remove everything, after the job is complete, making your property more beautiful in the process. Some customers elect for us to leave the firewood or wood chips at no additional cost.

Stump removal

Stump removal is also offered. We are eqipped with industrial stump removal machines that can take on stumps of any size. Stumps are simply ground away to below surface level, and filled in.

Stump removal is available either as a standalone service for existing stumps, or as an included service in tree removal. 

Tolle Tree Service Stump Removal Merverville New Jersey

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Land Clearing

Land-clearing services are also offered for industrial and commercial applications. Large discounts can be applied for ongoing projects.