Storm Damage causing you a headache?


We'll clean it up quickly and safely

Burlington County and Mercer County New Jersey Tree Service Area

Central New Jersey is no stranger to storms.

Tolle Tree Service sees lots of storm damage. Trees fallen on houses, fences, cars - you name it. We are fully equipped with special trucks and hardware that allows us safely maneuver any tree or branch - even in the trickiest of situations. When the huricanes come for Central New Jersey - we'll be ready and waiting.

We will remove any problematic trees or branches quickly and safely to repairs can begin immediately. Our specialist will also make recommendations if you are unsure how to make your tree(s) safe after they've been damaged.


We understand storm damage is never planned. That's why we have our team standing by for emergency tree service response after storms.

Call us any time, day or night. We are always prompt and will safely deal with tree damage swiftly.

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Storm Damage Cleanup Hamilton NJ

Storm Damage Prevention

Damage hasn't happened yet? Good! Prevent it before it happens!


Trees are deceptively heavy and can often times become over burdened under their own weight. While they will usually support their own weight under normal circumstances, the stress of a storm can cause large branches to break off the tree due to the weight, often times causing serious property damage.  Using proper trimming techniques we will strategically lighten branches, making the tree safer by reducing the amount of weight it must support. This makes the tree stronger as well as healthier, all while improving the beauty.


One major reason why trees fall during storms is because of wind gusts. A fully filled out tree acts like a parachute in the wind - and the force of the wind on that parachute can pull an entire healthy tree over.  Using proper trimming techniques we will trim away strategically chosen branches to reduce the amount of drag caused by branches.  This is healthy for the tree, while making it safer for you and your family, all while making the tree more beautiful.


Trees often have a surprising amount of dead branches on them. Dead branches can be identified easily - simply wait until the tree has filled out with leaves (spring or summer) and look closely at all the branches for branches with no leaves. Dead branches present a safety risk. They are no longer receiving nutrients from the tree, and could fall causing serious property damage or injury depending on the size of the dead branch.  the change of dead branches is significantly increased during storms. Removing dead branches and trees from your property is a serious improvement to safety.

Tolle Tree Service will make