Routine Tree Care

Tolle Tree Service Routine Tree Care Hamilton NJ

Fully Equipped

Tolle Tree Service has been doing tree care in Mercer County and Burlington County New Jersey or over 75 years. Our team regularly maintain trees for a wide customer base.

Our team is fully equipped with multiple trucks, bucket truck, chippers, chainsaws, stump removers, and a 17 ton crane that can tackle the largest of trees. Centrally located in Hamilton NJ our customer base is all over central Jersey.

Regardless of the size or complexity, we remove trees quickly and safely.

Complete Cleanup

We clean up and remove everything, after the job is complete, making your property more beautiful in the process. Some customers elect for us to leave the firewood or wood chips at no additional cost.

Regular Maintenance for Safety

Trees are beautiful, and an asset to your property. But if not properly maintained trees often lead to property damage, or serious injury.  Properly trimming trees reduces the strain of weight on the branches, making the tree healthier.  

Many trees have dead branches that could fall and damage property or injure people. Part of regular tree care includes removing these branches, which makes the tree healthier, safer, and more beautiful.

Our specialist can come assess your trees for free and make recommendations for better tree safety.

Tolle Tree Service Trimming hamilton NJ

Storm Property Damage Prevention

Properly thinned branches allow strong wind gusts during storms and hurricanes to pass more easily through the tree, which can prevent trees from toppling in storms. This is the number one cause of massive property damage during serious storms and is largely preventable.

Our specialist will come and assess your trees for free and make a safety recommendation plan that will mitigate future property damage risk.

Storm Damage Cleanup Tree Service Princeton New Jersey

Experience is Key

Tolle Tree Service has been family owned and operated for 3 generations, providing leading care for over 75 years. Our specialist is formally educated on the best practices for maintaining healthy, beautiful trees. Poor trimming methods such as "Topping" can damage trees. We use only the best methods to promote healthy and beautiful trees, while maintaining safety.

We will diagnose and treat tree problem.  Common problems in central New Jersey are fungus, invasive plants or insects, or dead limbs that simply need to be removed for safety.


Tolle Tree Serivice Experienced and trusted tree care Hamilton and Princeton New Jersey

Commercial Arrangements

If you are business in Central Jersey, we would love to partner with you to make your property beautiful year round. We specialize in keeping trees healthy and properly maintained to create a beautiful landscape.